Cycling in Belgium

If you are looking for a relaxing and hassle free cycling holiday destination then Belgium could prove the perfect place for your adventure. Belgium is a relatively flat country, which means that there are no difficult gradients to destroy your equilibrium, and there are over 1,200 miles of off-road trail along former railway lines and beside canals and other waterways. Several Greenways also criss cross the country. Flemish and Walloon regional administrations are constantly improving these excellent routes and considering cyclists in their traffic planning. Many of the car-free options are suitable for families and children and there are even built-in cycle routes to make it easier to get to remote locations. Flemish and Walloon regional administrations are contemplating plans to improve walking and cycling conditions, thus opening up new vistas.

Belgium is a relatively small country, but a large number of its states are connected by trails. There are 2668 kilometers of marked trails, 17 of which are more than 100 kilometres long. Though you can travel by train or umbrella in Flanders, it is not advisable to contravene the rules on P brunets, since you might be stopped by the police. You can also cross the border at the Belgian crossings with France. It is relatively easy to cross the only “lawful” border between Belgium and France, the Via Austria. It is also easy to move around in the downtown region of Utrecht, the capital oflies. The only “notorious” city you might encounter is the capital ofresses, Brussels. But even though it is only 12th largest in the world, it happens to be the capital of everyBelgium.

Cycling in Belgium creates the possibility to see parts of the country and its culture that would be very difficult to reach otherwise. Utrecht is a very attractive place to visit for sights of Flanders, cityscapes, concert and festival hall, agro-tourism, and vineyards. You can also observe small rodent population, wild pig, goats and other local animals. If you are interested in art, the Museum of Fine Arts ofccaand Knetts keeps record of almost every achievement. You must go for stimulating walks to get the enchanting views of the Flanders hills.

You can find hotels and other hotels in the very center of Flanders. We recommend you to explore the hotels of Kalka. It is one of the largest hotels in the whole of Belgium.

Cycling in Belgium would be incomplete if you do not visit some of the key cities and towns of the country. Take a cycling tour of the country to have experience of the beautiful routes taken by the famous explorers of the past. You will cycle through the very picturesque landscapes, through the sunny jeep parks, primary mountains and good roads. Whatever country you visit, you will have a complete picture of cycling in Belgium.

Always remember to pack light when you travel with your bike. You are most probably carrying too much unnecessary stuff. Carrying stuff is not a problem in Europe, as most of the countries are similar. But if you need clothes, you have to prepare the clothes one at a time. Always remember to ask assistance when you need to load the bike. You might be a wise decision to use bike in summer as the garments are warm and you will need to ride with shorts or jeans for comfort.

If you are a race fan, you will enjoy visiting the numerousBelgium cycling races. The country has three main cycling events during the summer months. You can become fan of the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Italy which hosts some excellent cycling races.

As regards equipment, there is a lot of information about bike tour but you still should get a good guide from a reliable tour company. They will not only provide you with a good bike but will also facilitate you to read the cycling routes in the best way.

The informative guide will not only tell you about the route but it will also explain the different kinds of gears and teaches you how to use them.

Finally, a serious issue that needs your attention is the security of the bikes. Each and every bike has its own set of security measures that you will have to consider. Choosing the correct bike for you and your group is quite difficult at this moment. There are hybrid bikes also which are not only flexible but also have a decent amount of safety features.

The best way to get the right bike for your needs is to keep your schedule open and be flexible in your plan. There are trips that will suit your lifestyle and goal of the tour. Always try to enhance your existing habits or get the information to improve them.

There are different companies these days that specialize in organizing the bike tour across different countries. Do not worry about the information you get from previous tours as they will be useless.