Kanha National Park

The Park

Situated in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha national park is a Tiger reserve which extends over an area of 1,945-sq-kms. The major attraction of this Park is its Topography. The Park is situated in a horseshoe shape valley & the whole area of the park is surrounded by the spurs of the Mekal. The Surpan river travels through the park to provide a permanent source of water to its rich flora & fauna & known as the life line of the park. Kanha is also known as The sunset point because of the mesmerizing view of sunset from this spot. Kanha Safari is truly a draw to this park. It is open year-round but one must be very cautious if visiting in the monsoon time. Getting the best view of Kanha involves taking the river side but making sure that one does not disturb the tidal flow.


Kanha is lush green & the vegetation starts with aloe vera, manjira( leaves in the shape of rabbits), laurel and rhododendrons. The vegetation becomesositonic when the grasses grow. The rhizome or the rhizome of the root is very rich in nitrogen, magnesium & iodine. SelankEatta( singular SelankEatta), cheating the Nepali name Dr. Salim Ali found medicinal value in SelankEatta. Since then SelankEatta has been used to treat diseases like malaria, diabetes, paralysis etc., & has become a herbal treatment for rheumatism for amputees. SelankEatta is also said to have curative power which cures various diseases.


Kanha is home to a large number of mammals like elephants, monkeys, cats, snakes, birds, storks, penguins, & even cute hedgehogs. There are a few wild animals which are native to this region. Some examples are the Marbled lizard, Grass snakes, wild boar, Muntjac, jungle cat, small Indian mongoose, small river otter, small Indian full- sized snake, Welwitschia plants, common Mynas, butterflies like the alpine butterfly, common minivets, grass snakes, monitor lizards etc.

Major Attractions

Being a Tiger reserve, Kanha is also home to many species of tigers including tigers themselves & their siblings, tigers females, wild tigers, sambar, leopards, & only in India, Royal Bengal tiger. Other attractions are elephants, which roam freely in the park & have a good knowledge of local customs & laws. The park is situated in the vicinity of the Kacho Wildlife Sanctuary. So, one can also enjoy watching elephants playing in the sanctuary. The park also holds a variety of smooth-water sites. Jaipur, Matheran and Jhajawan are the nearby cities.

Other Attractions

Kanha Museum has a wealth of colonial architecture & royal artifacts. The park houses a National coat of arms of Madras. The Jantar Mantar of Jaipur presents the fabric of royal India. It has intricately carved panels and the wonderful havelis – the royal apartments enclosed by walls in Hindu style. You will also find the royal baggage of Lord Shiva in this park.

Darrylinson Park is a worth visiting site. It holds the world’s largest grass at some places at Darjeeling. The park is full of lush green grassy area. The park is suitable for grass sports like Skiing, paragliding, rafting & fishing. But if you are looking for a quiet & natural escape then you would definitely prefer Darrylinson Park. This is also the place where the Darjeeling Himalayan railway was rolled out & today you can see a recreated train track covering around & including the hills of Darjeeling. The train actually rolls uphill & then descends in a fairly sharp & steeply descended for around 8-10 minutes.

Majority of the national park of Darjeeling is bound with waterfalls. But the waterfalls at this place are definitely the best ones as far as I am concerned. Probably the waterfalls in Darjeeling have had the maximum impact on the shaping of this beautiful hill station of the world. I am sure that after you are done with these attractions of Darjeeling, you will definitely want to go back to Darjeeling and then to Peninsular region of India to reacquaint yourself with the land & its attractions.

But as you know, the whole Indian subcontinent is steeped in history, charm, & tradition. Only a single visit to any part of this vast country will allow you to culturally know-how of the place.