The Lawsuits Against Nature

Nature is beautiful, wonderful and also scary. The sheer beauty of the world is obscured by the ugly side of man. Lawsuits against Nature is one of the most bullying activities nature may ever get involved in. The sue face is well out of favor and is now rare. However, it is not dead. A little courage and wit can turn a frightening situation into a wonderful experience.

The sue face is the face of nature, the majestic Indiana Page right along with all other Indiana natives. She has cheeks, eyes and neck that are exposed in this picture. I am not making this up. I am letting you know what I know. Go ahead, touch her.

Without permission I am letting you touch this bear. She is as scared as you are in this picture. I told her if she could not understand me she could not sue me. That brought her to a screeching halt. She would rather die then live with the knowledge that some somebody in the world thinks she is worth something. Though she is still holding her composure I can tell by the fear in her eyes that she is somehow afraid that her secret is outed to the world. Anybody with a heart could feel the same way.

This situation could have been totally different had the bear been a bigger fish. I never intended to hurt anyone. I did it only to protect myself and my family. Yeah, I am glad it never happened. But it is frightening enough to think that it could happen to anyone. Especially when it is you.

I alone have the right to protect myself and my family and I wasn’t even deserved to have to use that bear spray. Hypothermia can set in less than a minute after being out in the cold. That is not usually the case. We awoke to a snowy peaceful world and went back to sleep. But that is not what happened. We got up again and the night went on. The snow remained and the landscape turned sleeker.

It seemed like we had moved to a different section of the forest. We were all shivering again and the snow wasn’t as white as it had been earlier. Everything was chillier and we felt the temperature drop. While it was pretty uncomfortable inside the car we decided to eat something. We were all hungry from being out in the cold. We went to a restaurant called Auvergne and it was okay. They have a few restaurants in the area and the food was delicious. Then we decided to try and find a motel to rest the night. The problem was all the bars were full. We searched and search and found a small motel that had an old toilet that had to be cleaned of course. The next day we headed out of the motel to try and find a place to stop for the night.

It was such a beautiful day. It was clear and sunny and the snow was gone. I can remember feeling so excited to be out again, to find so many trails to explore. We kept on driving and soon found a little place that had an oldy wooden hostel. It was nothing like the rest of the motel rooms, but was nice. The beds were homemade, so it made for a nice feel. The hostel had a restaurant and looked like it had a relaxed atmosphere. We found a charming restaurant to eat in and had a drink. It was wonderful! The hostel had a pool and a hot tub, something we never had at home. The next day we headed to Marrakesh, which was the final place we wanted to stay. We had made arrangements to get off, so we could travel to our destination on the plane. When we arrived at the hotel, it was so quiet we thought they had put out the lights. We couldn’t figure out why the lights were just coming on in the hostel. We checked our pockets for money and found $20 on each of our pockets. May as well keep the 20 we found.

Next day we were off to explore Marrakesh. We had lucked into a family hotel and had a nice meal in the restaurant. We then proceeded to the pools part of the city. Most of the areas traveled by car were open. We walked around the city and took some photos of the beautiful buildings and men wearing the kebab. Once we went to a cafe and the lady who was working there told us that men wearing the kebabs were her guests. I guess they were worded so casually. Maybe they were talking about the clothing they were wearing?

Some of the kebabs had license plates, I am not sure.